We're all staying safe at home and looking for things to watch on Netflix and other streaming services. My hubby and I have burned through quite a bit of movies and tv shows, and at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, we watched Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. Tiger King is one of those Netflix documentaries that is so ridiculous in so many ways, but I have to admit, my husband and I got sucked right in. You're staying safe at home and need something to watch anyway, right? Watch it and see what all the hype is about. Here's the trailer for it, to pull you in.

Since Tiger King came out, there have been countless memes, merchandise and a complete following on almost every social media platform. Joe Exotic has a distinct look that people have created on pizza and now a bakery in Newtown has even out his face on a cake.

Credit: Youtube & Netflix
Credit: Youtube & Netflix

According to The Patch, a request came in to The Caketeria in Newtown got a request for a Tiger King themed cake for a guy named Jake who was celebrating his 30th birthday. Caketeria created an eight inch cake that looked exactly like Joe Exotic.

Check out the cake made by The Caketeria below.

I'm sure if you want a Joe Exotic themed cake or any other cake, The Caketeria in Newtown can accommodate whatever you need. Especially since birthdays are a little different these days because of the stay at home order, why not get an interesting cake to make the the birthday boy or girl feel special.

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