Make some dinner reservations! We're looking at the tried and true restaurants that have made a name for themselves in New Jersey.

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Here in the Garden State, we can find a limitless amount of new, up-and-coming trendy restaurants. Yet there still lives a heavy respect for tradition - for the staple restaurants that have been around for decades, but the taste and quality of the food never falters.

So where can you find some of these "Classic" restaurants in New Jersey? If you're from here, you can probably name quite a few of them yourself, but Food & Wine magazine just took a stab at it with their latest list of "America's Best Classic Restaurants in Every State."

Here are the 5 restaurants that share the title in New Jersey!

Chez Catherine - Westfield

Looking for a taste of France? Chez Catherine in Westfield is a perfect choice in New Jersey.

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F&W says:

"Since the 1970s, this has rather quietly been one of the nicest restaurants in the Garden State, a designation likely to hang around for some time, with a relatively recent arrival from France (with a résumé that includes stints not only at Alain Ducasse, both in Paris and New York, but also at Disneyland Paris) now in charge. Go for the escargots, for Dover sole prepped tableside, and (of course) your choice of soufflés."

Chef Vola - Atlantic City

If we're talking New Jersey, there's got to be an Italian spot on this list! Food & Wine gives Chef Vola in Atlantic City, a basement hidden gem, two thumbs up:

"Jump through every possible hoop to experience Atlantic City's Chef Vola's, a basement hideaway just off the boardwalk, where getting a reservation can be a challenge, but it's so very worth it."

Donkey's Place - Camden

Donkey's Place in Camden has earned a spot on this list for being known as the best cheesestake place in New Jersey. Their famous cheesesteaks are unique because they're served on a kaiser roll. Anthony Bourdain famously loved their cheesesteak.

F&W says:

"...That blue-collar clubhouse deep into Camden where the clock always seems to be stuck on quitting time at the proverbial mill, and the air hangs heavy with the scent of the best Philly cheesesteaks you'll ever be served on a roll, which you should not knock until you have tried it."

Holsten's Brookdale Confectionary - Bloomfield

Cue Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'"! Holsten's Brookdale Confectionary in Bloomfield has been crowned as a classic spot in New Jersey - not just because it's famously famously the setting of The Sopranos finale - but also because their candy kitchen and luncheonette diner still serves some of the best diner food around.

Have you ever been to any of these spots? If you're a true wanderer of New Jersey, they've got to go on your to-do list!

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