Just a heads up. Traffic in Newark and Montclair is going to be crazy this Friday because Vice President Kamala Harris will be in town to promote the COVID vaccines.

Streets sometimes get shut down and it can really be a pain. There is no word where exactly in the cities she will be speaking. However, just be on the lookout for the presidential flags and important-looking black cars.

According to NJ.com, Harris' plan is to not only encourage people to get the COVID vaccine, but child care is also on her agenda. This new bill that is being proposed will help alleviate stress off of mothers who had to quit their jobs to take care of their kids during the pandemic. The goal is to cover the cost of child care so moms can go back to work.

Harris has frequently come to the Garden State. She was just here last month after Hurricane Ida ripped through the state and left severe damage.

While I love the reasons she is here, let's just hope that we all don't have to pay the price while driving on I-95.

Stay tuned for her itinerary.


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