Have you ever received a phone call from somebody trying to get information out of you? If the person on the other line is a telemarketer you might not hesitate to hang up the phone, but what if the person on the other line is an apparent “police official”?

Residents in several New Jersey areas are receiving phone calls from mysterious scammers who are posing as State Police officials. During these phone calls the posers are demanding account information, money, or private personal information. On Monday, the State Police posted on their Facebook page that one or multiple people are using something called “spoofing” technology to mimic the phone number of a police station.

The “spoofing” allows a phone call to look like it is coming from a real number. This also allows for the scammer to be anywhere in the whole country. Police said residents should not say anything and hang up right away if they ever receive one of these suspicious phone calls. Right now the demanding calls are under investigation.

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