Scammers are out to get PECO customers. Let's make sure these scammers do not take your hard earned money.

The energy company, PECO, mentioned in an email that scammers are out to get customers’ money by pretending they are a part of the company.

PECO made it known that scammers are manipulating the caller ID and customers will see the energy company's number appear in their phone. That is how the scammers will make the customer believe that they are in fact a part of PECO. They are then asking customers to make a payment by "falsely claiming their electric or gas service will be disconnected unless payment is made immediately."

One thing all customers should know is that PECO will not demand an electric payment and they will not ask for just one form of payment.

In the email that PECO sent to a majority of their customers, it is stated that many customers already have reported to the energy company that scammers have tried to catch them off guard and force them to make a payment.


It has happened to me with Apple where scammers used "spoofing" which is the same thing that is happening with PECO at the moment where scammers change the caller ID. If you happen to get a call from the scammers pretending to be PECO hang up and call PECO to confirm that your account is okay and share what the scammers tried doing.

PECO mentioned that if you want to learn more about the scamming situation, you can visit

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