There's a new viral trend that targeting teenagers on social media called the "Momo Challenge." This challenge isn't fun like the Mannequin Challenge or like the "In My Feelings"/ Shiggy Challenge where everyone was dancing and singing about Kiki. The Momo Challenge is among the ranks of the Tide Pod Challenge.

I saw on News 12 New Jersey that New Jersey schools are warning students about the Momo Challenge. It all starts on social media either through Facebook or WhatsApp. A weird anonymous person may contact you with the creepiest picture/avatar of a smiling face and challenges the recipient to a task or dare. It seems to continue and as the challenge continues the dares become more dangerous and the anonymous challenger for proof (videos or pictures) of the dares. You can see the creepy picture below.

It looks like this creepy and unnecessry challenge has been inspired by two movies. One is "Truth or Dare" that came out this year where a group of friends are being haunted by demon that forces them into doing dangerous dares and revealing harmful truths. The face in the disturbing Momo Challenge meme seems to resemble the demonic faces in this movie as well.

The second movie that may have in inspired the Momo Challenge is called "Nerve." Where players opt into doing dares for cash and need to document their challenges to show that they have been completed.

You can read more on this here and learn more about it in the video below

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