Christmas is the time for giving and spending ...

Definitely watch where your money is going this holiday season. According to "every year, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) releases a list of the 12 scams of Christmas in an attempt to warn consumers so they don't fall victim."

Yep ... these scammers are getting even more cleaver then ever so make sure to keep your eyes open to avoid it.

Check out the list below.

1. Look-alike websites

2. Social media gift exchange

3. Grandparent scams

4. Temporary holiday jobs

5. Free gift cards

6. E-cards

7. Fake shipping notifications

8. Phony charities

9. Letters from Santa

10. Unusual forms of payment

11. Travel scams

12. Puppy scams

Yes, everything from look-alike websites to puppy scams, criminals are not holding back this Christmas. So, it's important to keep you money and identity safe this holiday season. You don't need a little fraud to mess up your entire mood.

Too see the list in full details check it out at

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