No one likes to be called lazy. That's a very offensive word because we all want to be considered productive.

If we were to tell you that New Jersey is one of the laziest states in the country, would you believe it? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that being lazy is more based on not having any type of physical activity in the last 30 plus days.

According to, 25 - 30% of New Jerseyans do very little to no physical activities at all. It was also mentioned that 14 other states land on that same category with the Garden State. reported that only 1 in 4 New Jersey residents are physically active.

Credit: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As long as New Jerseyans don't land on the really lazy category we think it's all good. 7 other states land on the REALLY lazy category with over 30% of the population in those states not being physically active at all.

All this date data was combined from 2015 to 2018 survey, accord to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.