Yep, you can set your watch to it. As warmer weather approaches, people start to imagine themselves in shorts, sleeveless shirts, and, dare I say it, bathing suits!

Nothing like those thoughts to get everyone back to the gym, even if it only lasts a few months. A crowded gym means that everyone needs to be on their best behavior to help each other enjoy their workout. If you’re returning to the gym to get in shape for summer,  it can be easy to forget the little things when you're focusing on your workout. One of my biggest pet peeves?  When someone sits on a workout machine as if they own it while resting between sets.  That is not how it is done. It is not a park bench. Get up and let someone else use it.

Here are the gym etiquette pointers you need to make sure everyone has a pleasant and safe experience at the gym for yourself and others.


  • kzenon/Getty Stock/ThinkStock
    kzenon/Getty Stock/ThinkStock

    Keep Your Music To Yourself

    The core tenet of gym etiquette is that everyone should feel able to pursue their fitness goals at their own pace while feeling respected. One way to help yourself and others is by keeping your presence as condensed as possible. Hopefully, you wear headphones or earbuds for your music, or if you are watching a video on a cardio machine, but if you don't, keep your audio down.  If you have a bag, sweatshirt, or other items, set them neatly in a corner or, better yet, put them in a locker.

  • Antonio_Diaz/ TSM
    Antonio_Diaz/ TSM

    Don't Be An Equipment Hog

    Even when you’re in the zone with your blood pumping and your music on high, you still need to main a minimum level of awareness. Maintaining your awareness helps you avoid hogging the equipment by mistake. If someone is waiting to use a machine or piece of equipment, be kind and let them use it.

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    Keep It Clean

    Gym etiquette also extends to protecting yourself and others from germs while interacting with the gym equipment. Most people know that you should wipe down equipment after you use it, but did you know that experts recommend wiping it down before as well? Believe it or not, gym equipment can often have more than 300 times the amount of bacteria as a public toilet if the proper procedures aren’t followed. So take your hygiene into your own hands and wipe down before and after. Additionally, don't forget to wash your hands before and after your workout. By keeping these tips in the back of your head, you can help keep everyone happy and healthy as we learn to work out with each other again.

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    Put Stuff Back Where It Belongs

    Whether you are using weights or a foam roller, return the equipment to where it belongs. When the next person needs it, they will find it easily. In addition, you reduce clutter and tripping hazards in the gym

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