The County of Mercer and the Park Commission along with the Boys and Girls Club of Mercer County, are holding a bike drive for people to donate bikes they no longer use. On April 10th from Noon to 4pm, you can drop off bikes to multiple locations and the bikes collected will go to the Boys and Girls Club who will get them to families who qualify. They will take bikes in any kind of condition and will fix them if need be. The three locations for drop off are The Historic Hunt House in Pennington, the park ranger headquarters at Mercer County Park in West Windsor and the Tulpehaking Nature Center in Trenton. For more info on the Boys and Girls Club Bike Exchange, click here.


The pandemic began in March of last year. Once the weather started getting warmer, bike sales skyrocketed. You could not find mountain bikes anywhere because people were buying them to get themselves and their families out of the house. I know I personally saw so many people riding bikes in my neighborhood last year. I've always had a mountain bike and I have always enjoyed riding my bike everywhere. It's therapeutic and it's a great work out for your body. I was applauding all those who bought bikes and were trying tog et out of the house and actually do something during the lockdown that sucked the life out of all of us. So many people put on weight during the pandemic, so hopefully the bikes helped people stay healthy. The bike exchange that Mercer County is holding is great for people who cannot get their hands on bikes for their kids. It's been a rough year and some people are still out of work, if residents donate the bikes they no longer use, they can be given to a child who doesn't have one and hopefully out a smile on their face.


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