You can tell a lot about of person from New Jersey just by asking them "What exit?" Just by asking that simple question you automatically will know so much about that person including the county or municipal they're from. If you have lived in Jersey long enough you might even be able to tell what sports team someone likes and if they say "Taylor ham or "pork roll."

The phrase was crafted by comedian Joe Piscopo in 1981 on Saturday Night Live. Apparently, one time when he was on vacation a random woman walked up to him after seeing his New Jersey license plate. She said," Hey, hey, you’re from Jersey," According to The New York Times, Piscop replied, "Yes, I’m from New Jersey.’ And she said, ‘What exit?’

Hence...the phrase was born. Honestly, if I was that woman, I would demand that this Piscopo dude run me my money. Because little did she know, her phrase would be used by New Jerseyans for decades to come.

The question "What exit?" has become sort of an inside joke among New Jerseyans in reference to the never-ending New Jersey turnpike. You didn't hear this from me, but word on the street is that residents that take exit 145 are the least liked. I also heard that exit 82 is filled with tourists each weekend.

The turnpike has a total of 365 exits and entrances, so you can guess that there are a bunch of different personalities that make up our beloved Garden State.


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