Front line workers are everyone's superhero at the moment. They have done everything they possibly can to make sure we all stay safe and in good health. During the Philadelphia Phillies opening day game, the team will be honoring "41 extraordinary frontline heroes." That is just amazing.

Amongst those 41 frontline heroes, you will find Julia Hennessey a nurse from the Levittown area, Barry Gould a supply chain director from Langhorne and Jay Green a steak & hoagie joint owner from Langhorne. According to the Phillies press release, some of the faces of the 41 frontline heroes are already being exhibited around the Citizens Bank Park.

To make it even more fun, it was stated in the Phillies press release that 2 lucky honorees will have the chance to "dance with the Phillie Phanatic in the fifth inning." This is just amazing. After all of their hard work it is only right to make sure the frontline heroes have the time of their life.

If you want to watch the frontline workers get honored during the Phillies opening game, it was mentioned in the Phillies press release that it will be broadcast for everyone to see the beautiful faces of all of the frontline workers that will be honored on April 1.

We learned that throughout the season frontline workers will be able to share their stories for the “Frontline Hero Video Series."

The 41 frontline heroes selected to be honored at the Phillies opening game were selected from a list of 500 nominations submitted by fans.

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