This year is getting more interesting as each day goes by. Now it's being mentioned that cows that fart less can probably have healthier beef. That is extremely interesting, isn't it? Never thought cows fart that much. recently reported that Burger King is looking to use beef from cows that fart less because that can possibly be healthier for everyone. It was also mentioned that Burger King is even teaming up with scientists to make sure they have the best beef for their burgers. The reason that Burger King teamed up with scientists is to make sure that the cows that produce the restaurant’s beef have a healthier diet.

Fun fact, Burger King actually released a commercial that kind of educates everyone on how the cows that fart a lot more can affect humans. It was mentioned in the Burger King commercial that when a cow farts or burps it releases methane which actually pollutes the air and harms us a lot. According to the Burger King Commercial, the cow fart can really affect climate change as well.

How come I never learned this in school? Thanks, Burger King. Let's make sure cows are having a good diet.

It was mentioned on that while supplies last there are 5 different cities that have Burger King locations that are offering "Reduced Methane Emissions Beef Whopper.” Unfortunately, neither New Jersey nor Pennsylvania are included in those five states.

We will say that the Burger King commercial with the yodeling kid is perfect and it actually teaches you a lot.

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