Burger King has been working on major changes in the last several months, and pretty soon, they're about to look way different too!

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During a huge re-branding process, the fast-food giant is heading into a phase to remodel their restaurants - in a BIG way! And it's already been unveiled at one New Jersey location!

Introducing Burger King's new restaurant design - "Sizzle". The new Sizzle restaurants feature huge digital ordering kiosks, lots of "Whopper" branding, and streamlined drive-through and pickup lanes, according to CNN. The color palette and lighting also looks a lot more luxurious and sleek.

Becoming more prevalent in 2024, “we’re going to lean in where the most of our business comes in, which is the drive thru,” said Tom Curtis, president of Burger King US & Canada. As you can see from the pictures, the nw drive thru design looks a lot more efficient and aesthetically pleasing

This is different from the last design upgrade Burger King rolled out several years ago - the "Garden Grill" design.

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So get ready - They're planning on opening more updated restaurants next year. And they're planning on doing it rather quickly! By the end of 2024, about half of the Burger  King restaurants will have either the "Sizzle" or "Garden Grill" design.

Kind of a long time coming! Burger King has been a bit behind-the-ball keeping up with the times. Are you looking forward to the new remodeled restaurants?

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