Most baseball players are making sure they are looking sharp for opening day but Bryce Harper outdid every single player. We all know that the Phillies Phanatic is a staple of the franchise. So, Bryce Harper decided to bring out pre-game cleats that had the team's mascot all over them.

No, the Phillies Phanatic was not just drawn on the baseball cleats. The right baseball cleat had a fuzzy green shoe tongue, red shoelaces, Phanatics eyes on the outer part, and the word “Phillies” on the inside. The left cleat is the extra fun one because Bryce Harper practically had a whole teddy bear on his foot. The tongue had the head of the Phillies Phanatic on it. At the tip of the shoe, you can see the mascot's legs.

This was pretty creative, that is for sure.

The Philadelphia Phillies player did not wear those baseball cleats for the actual game.

We are sure that if those Phanatic baseball cleats worn by Bryce Harper were sold at an auction they would sell for a very high amount.

They would also make some very nice slippers to just lounge around at the house in. Superfans of the Philadelphia Phillies would not mind having those.

This is not the first time that Bryce Harper shows love to the Phillies Phanatic by wearing some sort of Phanatics attire. This would be the third season that Bryce Harper showed off some creative cleats.

We think that Bryce Harper should've actually played with the Phillies Phanatic baseball cleats.

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