This has legit been the year of recalls!!

First it was romaine lettuce....and right before Thanksgiving too!! And if you know my family, salads are the main course. So imagine the tragedy we had to endure without our precious salad.

Then it was turkey! Apparently a certain brand of turkey had strands of salmonella. From there it was cat food,cherries, Kellogg's cereal, shell eggs...even tampons!!!

Well the latest food that has been recalled in New Jersey is Cauliflower. According to the FDA, it may be tainted with E.Coli. The same California farm that was linked to the recent E. coli outbreak in romaine lettuce has officially recalled cauliflower that was shipped to New Jersey and nine other states.

So if you eat Cauliflower on the regular, you might want to throw it out. Good thing I hate Cauliflower.

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