Oh, I know this is going to make a lot of people happy. Cava just opened in Lawrenceville. It opened its doors on Saturday (May 13th).

This is the very first Cava in Mercer County. It replaced the Zoe's Kitchen in Mercer Mall (next to Habit Burger). If you're not familiar, it's a trendy, fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant.

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I know what you're thinking, Zoe's Kitchen was a fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant too. After a quick Google search I found out that Cava actually bought Zoe's a few years ago (back in 2018) and have been slowly converting some of the Zoe's locations to Cava restaurants and that's exactly what happened in Mercer Mall.

Cava is described as "transforming better-for-you ingredients into bigger-than-life flavors, and is empowering you to do the same.
It was started down in Washington DC by three Greek friends who knew we'd all love the food and flavors that they grew up enjoying. They were right.
My niece and her friend went for lunch today and loved it. You build your own meal. They had bowls.
Don't they look good?
Chris Rollins
Chris Rollins

Cava offers a build your own salad bowl or grain bowl, along with other tempting bowls. They have pitas, desserts, drinks and Kid's Meals too. You can check out the full menu by clicking here.

The other Cava locations in New Jersey are in Jersey City, Paramus, Bridgewater, Wayne, Moorestown and Ramsey.

You can earn rewards every time you go. For more details, click here.

The new Cava Lawrenceville is located at 3371 Brunswick Pike.

The hours are 10:45am - 10pm.

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