If you scroll through Instagram, you'll see tons of pictures of people apple picking. It's very trendy and people love to do it. I've never been, probably because I'm short and I feel like I'd have to be on my husband's shoulders the entire time. But, nonetheless, I love seeing people's pictures when they go. It is, after all, apple season and Peddler's Village is celebrating.

According to the event on their Facebook page, November 2nd and 3rd is when they will celebrate the apple season with their 46th annual Apple Festival.


Admission & Parking are free and this is an extremely family friendly event. There will be attractions and food and of course, you're able to pick apples and shop Peddler's Village's shops, they'll be open until 8pm.

For more information on the Apple Festival, check out the events page on the Peddler's Village website.

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