Was there ever a time where all of the liquor and wine stores were closed but you needed it at the last minute? Or maybe your hotel did not have a bar? Well look no further because this Philly hotel just got a whole lot more lit.

As if the Ritz Carlton wasn’t already bougie enough, last week the Ritz Carlton introduced a champagne vending machine for its guests. This expensive looking new machine is filled with the best mini bottles of Moët & Chandon. To be a little more specific, it is stocked with 350 and 200 milliliter splits of Brut Impérial and Rosé Impérial. Of course, this is alcohol we’re talking here, not candy. So this isn’t going to be $2 or $3. One of these mini bad boys is going to cost you $25 a bottle.

If you’re worried about it breaking, don’t be! There is a robotic arm that grabs your bottle of bubbly and places it safely down to where you can retrieve it. Each of the bottles has a tiny gold sipper meaning you do not need to have your own straw or glass with you. You can also drink it straight from the bottle if that suit you better.


These mini bottles are perfect for events like weddings, bridal showers, birthday (adult) parties, or even just for home! This alcohol filled vending machine just might be the next big thing in our area. This will also probably be a big tourist destination for those traveling to the city. Take a look at what it looks like here!

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