Chick-fil-A announced in a press release this week, that they are partnering with DoorDash to start delivering out of 1,100 of their resturant locations.

Chick fil-A is probably the only fast food chain I can tolerate.

I'd ideally like to eat there about 4 times a week. If you think that's an alarming amount then you've never had Chick-fil-A sauce with their crispy chicken strips.

I will admit.... Chick-fil-A is the worst when it comes to getting your food on time. I've waited for several years at a drive through or in line at their locations waiting for my chicken fix.

"So many of our guests' busy lives and family commitments have them strapped for time. Delivery is one way we can help them get a quick yet high quality meal," says Chick-fil-A CFO Jon Bridges.

and the best part.....

They are giving away 200,000 free Chicken Sandwiches until November 20th when you place a delivery order through DoorDash using promo code "CFADELIVERY"

But there's always a catch: you must be in a 10 minute driving radius of a store location for delivery. 

Whether you are looking to get your Friendsgiving feast delivered this year or you are simply too hungover to get out of bed for the ultimate cure, this is certainly news worth celebrating.


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