This newly proposed Chick-fil-A is planned to be built in the parking lot between Starbucks and Floor and Decor on Lincoln Highway.  According to levittownnow, the new restaurant would be just like the others, with a drive-through and indoor dining available. There will also be outdoor dining available at this new location (roughly 104 seats for both indoor and outdoor). 

My very first thought was the oddly designed parking lot. According to the builders, most of the parking lot will be redesigned to accommodate the new location. On the other hand, this is not a bad location! This specific shopping center does not have much in it, so a place to grab a bite to eat would only benefit the area. 

This area is very popular for several reasons. The first being that Bucks County’s biggest retail facility, Oxford Valley Mall, is just down the road. The new location is also right in the heart of several car dealerships, and other retailers such as Marshalls and Redner's grocery. 

Sesame Place is also just down the road. Not only is Sesame Place an amusement park that many locals visit frequently, but it is also the only one in the entire country. The Chick-fil-A, just down the road in Lincoln Plaza, is right next to the amusement park making the lines extremely long. 

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