Football season is BACK! And Eagles fans heading to the Lincoln Financial Field can look forward to trying this new extremely indulgent food item. Just make sure you're ordering it on a "cheat day", because this thing is no joke.

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Get a load of this heart attack the Linc is serving up this year, courtesy of Aramark:

It's called the Slim Chicken 2.0 - and there's nothing "slim" about it!

Credit: Aramark
Credit: Aramark

It's a chicken sandwich unlike anything you've ever seen before. At no point during the course of reading this description, will you ever know what's coming next. Nothing makes sense.

It's " an apple fritter with Frosted Flakes fried chicken, Cooper Sharp cheese, honey glazed bacon, cherry jam, and ghost chili"

Yep - APPLE FRITTERS as the buns!!

Dare I tell you the calorie count? An apple fritter alone has about 300 calories!

Let's move on. It's a fried chicken sandwich, but deep fried with Frosted Flakes breading! We all know Frosted Flakes is basically just crunchy sugar.

Credit: Kellogg's
Credit: Kellogg's

And then to put ghost chili on it?? With an apple fritter? Logic is out the door. Yet it's SO intriguing.

You can find the Slim Chicken 2.0 sandwich at Section at Food Stand 134 inside the stadium.

Are you curious about trying this insane sandwich? If you've already gotten your hands on those apple fritter buns, don't be afraid to give us your verdict!

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