Although we’re in the middle of summer right now, I’m sure a ton of us are itching for football season. The cool air outside, hanging out with your friends oon a Sunday to watch the game before tackling the week ahead, there’s nothing like it!

There’s especially nothing like driving to your favorite team’s stadium and seeing your team live. If you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan and you plan on catching a few games at Lincoln Financial Field this fall, you may want to get a little rowdy in the parking lot before you go.

If you like to drink some beers while relaxing at the game, you may want to rethink going in and drinking and stick to pregaming in the parking lot.

Lincoln Financial Field Is Home To The NFL’s Most Expensive Beer

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles
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A new study was just released and it revealed that the most expensive beer sale at any NFL stadium is at Lincoln Financial Field. Vine Pair did a study on the most expensive beer prices throughout the country and The Eagles have taken the top spot for being the most expensive.

Based on charging the most per ounce, the Eagles are the franchise that will run up the bill the most. Every time you purchase a beer at the Linc, you’re paying almost a dollar an ounce, 96 cents to be exact.

In comparison to the team with the cheapest beer per ounce, it’s shocking. The New York Giants and Jets are the teams that are treating their beer-drinking fans' pockets the best. Metlife Stadium only charges 42 cents per ounce, putting them at the very top of this list at the cheapest.

Overall, this means having a few drinks before you walk inside!

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