Calling all single ladies. Well, really all ladies. You can now get some virtual Chippendales fun. Yup, you read that correctly. TMZ recently shared that you can have the male exotic dancers at your house during this quarantine.

According to, "Chippendales@Home" is actually a thing.  You can have the boys virtually at home and be a part of the whole new experience. It's really going to be from the Chippendales homes to yours.

If watching the video isn't enough, TMZ mentioned that you can actually chat with the boys on ZOOM, House Party, FaceTime or Google Hangout. The whole experience is with "at least 2" Chippendales members and lasts about 30 minutes.

Obviously, during these times, everyone has been trying to thank the healthcare workers one way or another.  According to, Chippendales is saying thanks to all healthcare workers by giving them free virtual parties.

Now the question that I'm sure many ladies out there are asking is, will Vinny from Jersey Shore be a part of "Chippendales@Home”? We're sure many ladies out there would love a virtual lapdance from him and get to flirt with the Keto Guido.

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