Hearts broke around the world when Klondike announced they are discontinuing one of their most loved products: the Choco Taco.

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I am sorry if you are just hearing this news for the first time now.

They won't disappear from stores right away. But once inventory runs out, we are out of luck.

Or are we....??

You will have a chance to get a Choco Taco once again so New Jersey, take notes.

According to Abc7NY.com, Serendipity in New York City - who is known for decadent desserts - will be recreating their own spin on the Choco Taco.

There are two catches to be aware of but more on this in a second.

Serendipity will be debuting the Golden Choco Taco and according to Abc7NY.com, it will be, "topped with edible gold."


But if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Now for those two catches:

The first is that these tacos will only be available for a very limited time. You can get the Gold Choco Taco on October 4th ONLY in honor of National Taco Day.

Mark your calendars.

The second catch is that these tacos are not cheap thanks to that gold sprinkled on top. You will have to pay a whopping $100 per taco.

Yowza. I'm all for nostalgia and all but is it worth it?

I'm not really sure.

There is one more piece of news that acts as a silver lining to all of this.

Klondike has allegedly said that they do plan on bringing back the Choco Taco in the next few years.


I had a feeling this discontinuation was a marketing ploy to increase Choco Taco sales and this just confirms my suspicion.

Expensive or not. Discontinued or not.

This Gold Choco Taco has peaked my interest. What about you?

If you do try it, let me know how it is at Nicole.Murray@townsquaremedia.com.

Can't wait until October to get your sweet tooth on?

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