The first week of May is a busy week. May 4th is Star Wars Day, Cinco de Mayo on the 5th of May, and it’s the optimal spring cleaning weather. The 5th of May is also National Hoagie Day, and, let’s face it, we’ve all had the “Cinco de May-o hehe haha” intrusive thought before.

As a kid, nothing was worse than getting to lunchtime and opening up your sandwich that had been stewing in your warm backpack all day, and smelling that warm, mushy, mayo-soaked bread. The sandwich was probably fine, but the smell of warm eggs and cheese was always a big appetite killer, so I just figured I didn’t like mayo. Fast-forward a decade and I am now a mayo fan. Here are some of the surprising ways that I’ve found to utilize mayo in your everyday life:

Grilled Cheese

Instead of slathering your bread slices with butter, try a little bit of mayo instead. It spreads better, browns more efficiently, and is slightly lower in calories for those watching the scale.


You can skip the process of covering your chicken with flour and eggs by just covering them in a little bit of mayo. It speeds up preparation while still achieving the same golden-brown color.


Adding just a little bit of mayo to your eggs instead of water or milk helps to keep your eggs moist while not sacrificing any of the eggy flavors.


This hack makes its way around the internet each year, but when you think about it, it makes complete sense. Everything in mayo is already in most cake recipes, so it’s not surprising that substituting parts of your cake recipe for mayo would be the secret to making your cakes extra moist.

Removing Crayon from various surfaces:

This one isn’t food-related, but is useful nonetheless! A little bit of mayo on a damp cloth is very handy when removing your kids’ masterpieces from your beautifully painted walls.

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