'MLB: The Show' is probably the biggest baseball game out there right now. Sometimes when that game is being played, it's really hard to tell if you're watching a live MLB game or if it's a video game.

The game itself is a video game series based on Major League Baseball. Sports video games like this are always extremely popular and are mind-blowing with how up-to-date they are.

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On 'MLB: The Show', you can play your games at different MLB stadiums across the country and they are extremely accurate to the real-life stadiums.

The game has just made a major update and Philadelphia Phillies fans are pretty excited about it.

'MLB: The Show' Adds Philadelphia Phillies City Connect Jerseys

If you haven't seen the news yet, the Philadelphia Phillies have added brand new jerseys to their lineup and it has Phillies fans pretty torn.

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The team unveiled the brand new City Connect jerseys under a week ago and they've been getting some mixed reviews online. Since the drop of these brand new jerseys, 'MLB: The Show' has already added them to the game as an option for Phillies Jerseys.

What Do The Philadelphia Phillies' New 'City Connect' Jerseys Look Like?


The Phillies' new City Connect jerseys are very different than any of the other jerseys that we've seen from the team over the years. They're ombre blue jerseys that say Philly across the front.

My only issue with the jerseys is there's no red to be found on the jerseys themselves or even on the pants, gloves, or anything else that goes along with the uniform.

Are you a fan of the brand new Jersey and will you be playing with them on 'The Show'?

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