I keep saying that I would love to try and go to a nude beach one day. However, I know when it comes down to it... I would chicken out. There is only one nude beach in New Jersey and it is located in Monmouth County. It's called  Gunnison Beach and they have blocked off a designated area for visitors to let loose and let everything hang free.

If you ever want to take it up a notch, there is a whole community for nudist. Believe it or not, this is the first I am learning that these kind of places exist. I knew there were nude beaches and clubs, but never that there are entire communities aimed at creating a sexual environment for any and everyone.

Rock Lodge is a nudist club in Sussex County, New Jersey. According to New Jersey Monthly, this is a private, secluded place filled with hiking trails, lakes and everything a person needs to be one with nature. There are tennis courts, pools, hot tubs, and tons of activities you can participate in. According to New Jersey Monthly, the club hosts parties, dances and even talent shows. And yes, everyone is 100 percent naked.

From what I gather, this is a place people go to feel free. When you look around you see people off all shapes, colors, gender and sizes. Its a judgment free zone. The only rules and restrictions are that  smoking and genital jewelry are not allowed.

Rock Lodge Club is located at 119 Rock Lodge Rd, Stockholm, NJ 07460.


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