Do you pay attention to what's being said over the in-store intercom while you're shopping in New Jersey Walmart stores?

If the answer is no, you'd better start.

The same voice you hear overhead, while you're cruising the aisles, telling you about special sales and when the store will be closing for the night, could also save your life, according to Common Cents Mom.


Keep reading because if you hear this secret warning you should leave the store immediately and call 9-1-1.

You may or may not know...I didn't...that Walmart has secret intercom codes. Codes that are meant to inform employees of certain situations so they know how to proceed and know what to do.

The article says there are four different types of codes that New Jersey Walmart stores use...colors, numbers, letters and word codes.

witsawat sananrum
witsawat sananrum

Several of the color codes you really need to be aware of for safety reasons.

Code White

Code White means there's been an accident, like an injury, that's occurred in the store.

Code Red

Code Red means there's a fire of some type in the store. Usually there's a number after Code Red indicated which aisle the fire is in.

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Code Orange

Code Orange means there's a chemical spill either inside or outside the store and all employments should help, if they're able.

Code Black

Code Black means there is severe weather in the area.

The rest of the color codes are where you really need to pay attention. As soon as you hear them you need to get out of the store right away.

Code Brown

Code Brown means there is shooter in the store. When you hear this code carefully get out of the store as soon as you can or follow a store employee's instructions.


Code Green

Code Green means there is an active hostage situation in the store. Call 9-1-1 if you're able to and carefully leave the store.

Code Blue

Code Blue means there is a possible bomb threat in the store. Leave quickly and safely.

This was certainly an eye opener for me and I will be paying more attention to what I hear while I'm shopping.

To learn more about the other code Walmart uses, click here.

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