I don't know about you, but I am not letting my parents go anywhere. They are both in their 60's and I do not want them contracting coronavirus. So since my husband and I are both considered essential workers, we do the grocery shopping for them and deliver their groceries to their houses. I've also heard of people going grocery shopping for their elderly relatives or neighbors and I think it's wonderful since people over 60 are the most at risk for COVID-19.

Speaking of shopping for the elderly, according to NJ.com, a college student named Ashton Bianchi is doing just that. He is a senior at Manhattan College and will do grocery shopping for those who cannot or those who are afraid to. Ashton got the idea from a buddy of his who's on his baseball team, his grocery service was named Shop Smart Long Island. Ashton's grocery service is called Smart Shop South Jersey to cater to those in South and other parts of New Jersey.

So how does it work? You can go to his InstagramFacebook Page, or email him at smartshop.southjersey@gmail.com, tell him what you want and he'll get your groceries to you or your loved ones. Ashton said in the NJ.com article, that he's prepared to shop for people as long as they need him to.

Ashton has recieved so many orders that he is looking for additional shoppers and delivery people, so if you're looking for part time work right now, check out the details below.

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