A serious accident near the helix for the Lincoln Tunnel in Union City has brought traffic in and around New York City to an absolute standstill.

Of course, the day before the Fourth of July is often one of the busiest travel days of the year, so as you can imagine there are extreme delays in the area this afternoon.

All Lincoln Tunnel-bound traffic is being diverted to the Holland Tunnel, according to the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey. Yeah, the Lincoln Tunnel is closed.

In fact, 495 is actually closed in both directions this afternoon, according to officials with the Hoboken Police Department.

The accident could take quite some time to clean up as a multi-vehicle accident has left a public works truck overturned on the helix. Debris is littered all across the scene with heavy damage to the vehicles involved.

The extent of any injuries was not immediately clear.

If your travel plans involve New York City this evening, however, you may want to pack A TON of patience.

NJ Transit, however, is cross-honoring bus passes at rail stations for the time being.

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