Attention all CHEGG fans. It's confirmed. One of Long Beach Island's most popular and unique restaurants, The Chicken or the Egg  is expanding to the mainland with a second location in Marlton, New Jersey, according the restaurant's social media and Courtier Post.

We heard this was a possibility back in May, and now your dreams will be coming true. Lol. This Marlton location is going to be bigger than the one on LBI and have a beer garden (yes, it will have a liquor license). It's going to be where the Kmart was in Renaissance Square.

The Chicken or the Egg has been around since 1991. Marlton resident, Rob LaScala, bought it from original owners, the Cohen family, about 4 years ago, when they wanted to retire. LaScala loved the uniqueness of the restaurant and vowed to keep its charm. But, because of its popularity, he wanted to expand and thought Marlton was a good fit.

LaScala also owns Fire at The Promenade at Sagemore in Marlton, among other restaurants.

I have a confession to make...I've never been to The Chegg. I'm an Ocean City girl, but, now that it will be closer, I'm definitely going to check it out...I've heard nothing but great things about it.

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