A Tesla -- driving in the vehicle's self-driving mode -- crashed on Route 1 on Sunday (February 10). The accident occurred near Adams Lane in New Brunswick, according to a report from NJ.com.

The driver was seated in the driver's seat when it happened, but NJ.com reports that the vehicle wouldn't let him take back driving control. The self-driving vehicle (or autopilot basically) "got confused due to lane markings." Essentially the lanes weren't marked properly for the vehicle is what they're saying.

Wow. I've seen more and more Teslas on the road these days. I'm always trying to sneak a peek when driving by one. But now I'm thinking that I should steer clear of them. I don't want to cause any confusion for the car.

"The vehicle could have gone straight or taken the Adams Lane exit, but instead split the difference and went down the middle, taking the vehicle off the roadway and striking several objects at the roadside," according to the police report. The car had extensive damage, but nobody (including the driver) was hurt in the incident.

So who is at fault? Well, the driver was not given a ticket. So did the car's autopilot mode malfunction or are local officials responsible for the lane markings? That's an interesting question.

With more and more talk about auto cars, I hope the roads are ready.

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