The Robbinsville Facebook page revealed that their new QuickChek in town is a new charging station in the Tesla Supercharger network.

You know which QuickChek I'm talking about, right?  It's the new one on Route 526, next to the Northstar Animal Hospital, and across from the Hampton Inn. My friends and I made an ice cream stop there recently, during our GNO (Girls Night Out). Lol. It's really nice in there.

I'm seeing more and more Teslas on the road these days, so I'm sure there was a need for something like this. I had never heard of these Tesla "Superchargers" before but, apparently, you can get charged up, quickly and easily, and be on your way. The Robbinsville QuickChek will have 7 Superchargers.

According to the post, Tesla has installed over 11,300 of these Superchargers all over the world, creating more than 1,350 charging stations, so get ready to road trip. You just enter your destination on your Tesla's touchscreen and it will tell you where all the Supercharger stations are along your route. Cool.

Check out Tesla's website for more details and make sure to stop by and check them out at the Robbinsville QuickChek.


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