We knew that it was inevitable, but the 'Corn Kid' viral TikTok has been remixed into an official song.

When I first discovered the "It's Corn" kid, I remember crowning his video as the most wholesome visual of the year after watching it only once. I had no data or statistics to back up that statement, but "Corn Kid" was the best thing on the internet upon arrival. Period.

Eventually, I learned that "Corn Kid" had a name (Tariq) and his love for corn continued to connect with people far longer than the usual cycle that we see when it comes to similar viral videos.

I wrote about Tariq, his love for corn, and Recess Therapy being the platform responsible for his adorable video that was making its rounds on social media—but never did I think that I would be talking about the "corn kid" weeks later with a solid call to action.

Like most viral moments, "It's Corn" got its very own autotune song treatment thanks to @schmoyoho on TikTok.

One of my personal favorites was a wedding rendition of "It's Corn" that featured a beautiful solo piano, delivering the most beautiful tribute to Tariq's love for corn—or as he calls it, "a big lump with knobs."

So, let's circle back a bit to @schmoyoho; because the folks behind the popular TikTok account are a well-known duo that goes by the name of The Gregory Brothers who just dropped a full song titled "It's Corn" that clocks in at nearly three minutes.

One that stuck out for me on the first watch was when he said that "just because everyone doesn't like it (corn) doesn't mean it's not the best."

Remember that call to action I was talking about earlier? Here's where you can actually do something that will make Tariq different than every other overnight viral celebrity that enjoys their 15 minutes of internet fame (and not much else to show for it).

If you head over to Spotify or Apple Music you can stream "It's Corn" by The Gregory Brothers, Tariq, and the team at Recess Therapy.

The music video below is also a banger.

And if you haven't seen Tariq's follow-up interview where he dropped a "corn dance," just do yourself a favor and watch that too.

The proceeds from "It's Corn" are being split with Tariq and his family (I'm hoping the proud and happy giggling woman in the blue is his grandmother) so if you're going to play the damn song a million times a day (speaking for myself), at least make it count for the CEO of Corn himself.

Imagine the follow-up to this being a story about how a "Viral Sensation Gets His Tuition Paid from Love for Corn" Seriously, how cool would that be?

Speaking of getting the bag, Tariq has already locked in a deal with Chipotle to star in a recent Twitter ad.

Oh, and by the way—if you're still looking for ways to help him cash in on all of the "corntastic" hype, you can book the "It's Corn" kid on Cameo starting somewhere around $200.

corn kid cameo

Totally worth it. Keep going, Tariq; you've got the juice, and we're here to see you win.

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