I am a Costco member and I received and email the other day that contained something that they aren now selling in their online store, that I feel people should be aware of. Costco.com is selling two different COVID-19 collection tests. Both of them are the saliva collecting tests and you're able to track your test and receive your results. The standard test costs $129.99, and says you should receive results 24-72 hours of the lab receiving your test. There's another one that costs $139.99 and it comes with video observation and says you should receive results 24-48 hours of the lab receiving your test. Both are actually FSA approved, so if you have an FSA account set up through work, you're actually able to purchase these tests through that account. So if you're interested, check them out.

I have to say, watching someone get a COVID-19 test terrified me so much, I seriously did not leave the house when the pandemic began. I kept people away, didn't go anywhere, washed my hands like crazy and avoided touching my face. All because I was so afraid to get the virus and then having to get the swab shoved in my nose and tickle my brain. I could not understand how people were not wearing masks and not social distancing after they knew that's what kind of test they would have to take if they caught COVID-19. I was so relieved when they came out with the saliva tests because God forbid I started showing symptoms and had to take a test to confirm it, I could just spit in a tube instead of getting the invasive one. I still practice extremely safe habits, I know this pandemic isn't over and I do want to order a test just in case someone in my family comes down with symptoms. The sooner we confirm, then self isolation begins and then there's a better chance it won't spread to anyone else. I want this pandemic gone and I'm sure you do too.

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