Heads up Costco fans (I know there are a lot of you), there's a big change ahead and you may not like it.

Costco Membership Fees are going up

The warehouse giant has announced that it's raising the cost to be a member of the popular shop-in-bulk store, according to Forbes.

Costco's Quarterly Earnings Beat Expectations
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If you're a basic Costco member, your membership fee will be raised $5 per year making the yearly bill $65.

If you have an Executive Membership, the price hike is $10, raising the annual membership from $120 to $130.

The article states that around 52 million members will feel this price hike.

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This is the first price hike in 7 years

C'mon, no complaining. It's not like the price goes up every year. This is the first time membership fees have gone up in seven years.

Costco counts on its membership fees to turn a profit, making over $4 billion dollars from them last year (2023).

Sharing memberships hurts Costco, so they've wised up and cracked down on them, requiring a photo id at the register when the membership card doesn't have a picture.

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I'm sure you'd rather pay a little higher membership fee that have the products in store go up in price...or, gasp, hot dog prices go up...nobody wants that. Ha ha.

Costco in Lawrence, NJ is expanding its gas station

Customers at the Lawrence Township, NJ Costco on Quakerbridge Road are reeling at signs posted at the gas pumps, announcing they will be temporarily closing.


The sign reads, "We're expanding the Costco Princeton gas station! The gas station will be closed: July 22, 2024. The warehouse will remain open during this timeframe. We appreciate your continued patronage and apologize for the inconvenience caused to our valued members."

A Lawrence Township community Facebook page revealed the gas station will be closed for about a month for the project.

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Gas attendants have been telling customers that they're adding more pumps. That's a good thing...the lines are always so long.

I'll keep you posted.

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