We've been waiting for winter to really arrive, and it looks like it's going to arrive... this week! In fact, Mother Nature COULD bring a double-digit snow storm to our area as early as this weekend. Of course, it's a way out and anything is still possible. Don't feed into the hype of a weekend storm just yet. 

Temperatures will plummet later this week setting us up for the possibility of a storm Saturday night and into Sunday. More on that in a second because there's also the chance that we'll see some snowflakes overnight Monday (into early Tuesday).


"Precipitation will be on the light side — I'm calling it showers," Townsquare New Jersey's Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow explained early Monday. "However, temperatures will rapidly dip after sunset, which sets the stage for some wintry mix in northern New Jersey."

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Dan goes on to explain that the bulk of the issues should be north of our area (north of Interstate 78). However, "there could be some snowflakes (in our area), but little to no accumulation and no travel issues are expected."

Temperatures will plummet, and there's a coastal storm that forecasters are watching for the weekend.

"(Forecast) Models have waffled back and forth between a "hit" and a "miss" for our area," Townsquare's Dan Zarrow explains. "If this storm system drifts close enough to the Atlantic seaboard, it would produce all snow across our area."

Of course, while models have drifted back and forth from no snow storm to a big snow storm, there's one point that Dan makes that caught our attention.

"If this storm system tracks close enough to New Jersey, double-digit snowfall totals (10+ inches) would be possible in our region," Dan Zarrow says. 

What does that mean?

"The *potential* is absolutely there for double-digit snowfall this Saturday night to Sunday. But it is far from a guarantee - models are still all over the place," Dan explained late Monday. "In fact, there's good reason to lean heavily on the Euro model which practically shows a *miss* for New Jersey."

However, we're still about 120 hours away from the storm's potential arrival into our area... so we have some time to iron out the details. Anything can (and likely will) happen.

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In the meantime, beware of the "social media hype, which has already started to ramp up," as Dan reminds us.

Not a fan of this news? Well, we're also looking at an arctic blast of really cold air for early next week.

Winter has REALLY arrived, huh?

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