According to, a Chipotle may be coming to East Windsor very soon. The new Chipotle would be going in the Town Center Plaza where there is a big Shoprite, a movie theater, a nail salon and so much more. Where they want to put the Chipotle is a spot that is not in the actual strip mall of Town Center Plaza, but it's across the parking lot where the TGI Friday's is. The building I am referring to used to be a Capitol One Bank.

Google Maps
Google Maps

So the plan is to make this building into a Chipotle WITH a drive thru. That is going to be super popular with people. This proposal was supposed to be heard at a virtual meeting with the township last night (December 21st), but there aren't many details about how that went or if the plans were proposed or not. I am going to searching all over to see if I can find anything out!

I have been watching this story develop for months on my neighborhood app. It was posted a few months ago that a Chipotle may be coming to East Windsor, but there weren't other details I could find to back up the story. This Chipotle would be in my neighborhood, so it's very exciting. Believe it or not, I have never been to a Chipotle or eaten their food. Maybe now that it's so close, I'll give it a try? All I know is, that shopping center is already a busy one, adding a Chipotle will make it even busier. I guess I'll do my grocery shopping at Shoprite really early before Chipotle opens so I avoid the crowd that is going to be going in there.

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