Inspectors and investigators have officially been sent out by the state Division of Consumer Affairs to ensure that all boardwalk games are being run fairly. By the time they are finished they will have visited all of the 266 games in 16 towns along the coast. reported that Seaside Heights and Atlantic City have already been visited and there were a total of 12 establishments with violations, according to Paul R. Rodriguez, director of the state Division of Consumer Affairs. "We are making sure that the few stores and amusement game operators who aren’t playing by the rules are held accountable so they don’t spoil the fun for everyone,” he said.

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Credit: Spencer Platt / Staff

All those times you suspected something was off about the crane machines, you might have been right. 5 of the arcades that were visited had violations regarding prizes being too heavy to be picked up or prizes being packed too tightly together.

You may not need to worry about darts not being able to break balloons, or basketball rims not being the correct size or even game rules not being clearly posted, this summer.

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