Is your favorite spot to hang in New Jersey super overrated? I’m sure every person has something in their home state that they’ll defend to the death, which is normal.

There are a lot of things to do in New Jersey when you really sit and start listening.

There are all of the shore towns, Six Flags, museums, aquariums, etc. Although we could sit and make a long list about which tourist attraction is the best, this website already did it for us.

According to, the Atlantic City boardwalk is not only New Jersey’s most famous tourist attraction but is also the state's most overrated.

This website listed the most overrated tourist attraction in each state and for some reason, AC took the cake for NJ!

“Tourists have traveled to the Atlantic City Boardwalk for many years, but it has lacked its former glitz and glamour for a while.” - Explore Planet

It describes it as a “run-down, ghost town with eyesore casinos, tacky souvenir shops, and high crime rates.” Atlantic City has been one of New Jersey’s most iconic attractions and I don’t think NJ residents are going to like the slander from this website.

New Jersey is like our younger sibling in a way. We’re allowed to sit and make fun of it all we want, but when an outsider comes in and starts saying things, it’s a problem.

Do you agree with this or is there another attraction in our state that you think should take the cake above AC’s boardwalk?

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