I'll never forget the first time I went on a cruise. I was actually sent by PST and they said for everything which was super cool. Matt and I went on the Bud Light Port Paradise cruise and it was a four day cruise out of Miami with a music festival at the end of the weekend. Overall it was a really good time, huge parties, lots of beer and food and the best part was when we went to an island owned by Bud Light and that's where the music festival took place. On the island were all kinds of activities and fun and then All American Rejects performed and so did Brad Paisley. One thing I learned about myself was, I do not like cruises. We woke up one morning and all you could see was water and it freaked me out. Plus, it was also very rocky out on the water and I got seasick so bad. So I have decided that I like vacations on land much better. I have friends though who go on cruises every year and love them and I know a few friends who booked them for this summer. Unfortunately, according to House Beautiful, three major cruise lines have just canceled cruises for the next couple of months.

Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Disney cruise lines have each canceled cruises for the rest of the summer and some won't depart until October. The Cruise Lines International Association are the ones who make the decisions and they want to keep everyone safe from COVID-19. This pandemic is uncharted territory for everyone and since cruise ships can hold thousands of people, social distancing is not really possible and a lot of preventative measures will have to be taken. The Cruise Lines International Association needs more time to figure things out.

For more info, especially if you had something booked with one of these cruise lines, contact your travel agent, or check out this article.

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