Looking for something fun to do this summer? Want to feel like you're in the middle of a Hallmark movie? Ha ha.

A new list is out from World Atlas revealing the 7 Cutest Small Towns in New Jersey.

Every time I see a list like this, I immediately check to see if my hometown is on it, because in my opinion, it's THE BEST small town in New Jersey.

Most of the time I'm disappointed, but this time it made it. Keep reading to find out where it is.

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The article talks about how great the Jersey Shore is (it really is!) and then says, "The heart of the state, however, lies in the cute small towns that welcome visitors to explore the region at a slower, more relaxed pace."

Ok, ready? If you like a cute little main street area, cute shops, cute restaurants and more, you should absolutely make plans to check out these towns.

I don't think this is a ranking, or in any particular order, just cute towns throughout the state.

1. Cape May


If you've ever been to this Jersey Shore town, you'd agree. It's the cutest town, with so many cute activities always planned and a great place to hang out with friends.

2. Lambertville


In Lambertville, it's like you've stepped back in time. It's charming and has really pretty water views of the Delaware River too.

3. Allentown


Filled with little cafes, the cutest bakery (Gastons) and so much more. You'll love Allentown. Try to time it so you make it to one of the town's street fairs.

4. Cranbury


My hometown! It's just the cutest place ever. Sit on a bench and take in the views of Brainerd/Cranbury Lake (I used to ice skate on it when I was a child), see the historic houses, grab a slice of pizza at Cranbury Pizza, breakfast or lunch at Teddy's ("Where Friends Meet"), ice cream at Gil & Bert's, visit a museum, antique shops...I could go on and on. Don't sleep on this...go visit.

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There's a few more for you to visit.

To see the rest of the list, click here.


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