Oh Dear!!! These days it just isn’t safe to drive anywhere, even if there is ZERO traffic around you. It is deer mating season and they are roaming around in bunches. Not only is it mating season but from October till the end of December is when the most accidents caused by deer happen.

These deer accidents are no joke. They destroy your vehicle and then you are stuck with a half working car. A lady named Melissa, from Howell, NJ thankfully is well after her car got destroyed by a wild deer. It wasn't just an accident where she hit a deer and her front end was destroyed. This time the deer went through here front windshield and ended up in here back seat.

Yes, you read that correctly. The deer was dead in the back seat.

Want to make it even better? The driver involved in the accident was able to drive her vehicle with a destroyed windshield to a safe zone without getting any other drivers involved. Howell police mentioned, "Despite the damage, her being injured and not knowing if the deer was still alive, Melissa had the composure of bringing her vehicle to a safe stop in the shoulder.”


Melissa you are the real MVP driver!

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