Deer really don't help rush hour this time of year. From October till the end of December is when the most accidents caused by deer happen. These accidents typically  happen between 5 and 7 pm. That's somewhat in the rush hour timeframe still, so not a good thing for many drivers. In these 3 months, there are over 4,000 deer accidents, which averages to 2 deer accidents per hour.

Deer in headlights
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AAA spokesperson said to NJTV, “This is deer mating season so deer are looking for a potential partner, they are not paying attention to traffic safety.” The best advice that to give for when a deer crosses your path is DO NOT slam on your breaks. This can only make matters worse for your car. Your car can either dip down and the deer will mess up your front end or you can get rear ended by the vehicle behind you.

Cities with the most deer accidents include Morris, Burlington, Hunterdon, Monmouth, and Somerset. These cities average around 300 accidents per city Neighborhoods with trees attract more deer, so if you are driving in those areas be very cautious.

Deer are running around in groups, be careful out there!

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