After an amazing professional soccer career, Delran native Carli Lloyd has hung up her soccer cleats and officially retired.

She played her last game with the U.S. Women's National Soccer team last night against South Korea.

The game was played in Minnesota and the U.S. Women's National Soccer team was victorious as they beat South Korea 6-0.

Carli played 65 minutes of the game and then a sub came in for her to play the rest of the game. She then received a standing ovation.

Fans might have been a little confused at last night's game when they looked at Carli's jersey. She's always worn the number 10, however, the name on the back said, Hollins.

Hollins is her husband's last name and according to The Today Show, Carli wanted to honor her husband by putting his last name on the back of her jersey for her very last game. Her time as Carli Lloyd has ended and her time as Carli Hollins begins.

Korea Republic v United States
Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Carli spoke with The Today Show this summer and hopes she and her hubby can have kids soon. Now that she is retired, the sky is the limit girl!

Carli has had an amazing career that includes two World Cup titles and two Olympic Gold medals. Those are just a few of her accomplishments.

I grew up in Middlesex County and honestly never knew a lot of towns in New Jersey existed until I went to Rider University.

While at Rider, I met and became friends with a lot of people from South Jersey. It wasn't the South Jersey that I knew, which was the Jersey Shore, it was the Southwest part of New Jersey.

One of my dear friends Kelly grew up in Delran and still lives nearby, so I frequently visit. I belong to a few Delran Facebook Groups and they've always spoke so highly of Carli Lloyd and I have to admit, I loved watching her play.

She was also such a great role model to young women and young athletes everywhere. She always carried herself well and it looked like she always made time for her fans.

Congratulations on a wonderful career Carli! Enjoy your retirement knowing that Jersey is proud of you!

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