Carli, a Siberian tiger cub, who was recently born at Six Flags Great Adventure, is celebrating the success of her namesake today.

Carli (the lion) was named in honor of soccer legend Carli Lloyd.

Lloyd, a Burlington County native, is a two-time Olympic gold medalist, and of course, she's a previous World Cup champion. The 36-year-old Olympian, of course, celebrated her role in helping the team defend their second straight World Cup title with Team USA on Sunday (July 7).

On Sunday afternoon Six Flags Great Adventure share da video showing Carli watching the championship game:

The amusement park in Jackson, NJ wrote that Carli had been "keeping up with her namesake over the past few weeks."

Earlier this summer, the amusement park announced her birth. When she made her debut (on YouTube) in June. At the time they said she weighed 12 pounds, but will grow to weigh more than 500 pounds when she is fully grown.

Zoo officials even had to assist her mother, Nadya, with her nursing when she was born. It's not clear when Carli will make her appearance in public for visitors to see in the safari.

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