Deptford Mall's beginning to look a lot different since Sears Department Store closed. That whole side of the mall is being transformed.

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I finally trekked to Deptford Mall over the weekend to restock some of my Sephora favorites. I probably hadn't been there since the holidays. Obviously, not since the pandemic broke out. So, I was excited to see some new projects taking shape.

Dick's Sporting Goods is moving from across Almonesson Rd. into the empty Sears space, it looks like both upstairs AND downstairs. And, on the other side next to Ruby Tuesday's, appears to be Round Bowling and Amusement, which looks like it could be a lot of fun, and a good addition to the mall.

Xfinity is also setting up shop.

I'm happy to see a few retailers moving into the mall, instead of just leaving a whole quarter of it vacant. Deptford Mall is basically my childhood stomping ground, so I'm always rooting for it's continued renewal and evolution.

Oh, and BTW, Deptford Mall's website also says they're hiring, if you're interested.

What other retailers do you think Deptford Mall could use? Let us know in the comment box below.

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