When the PST staff gathered earlier this week to welcome our new night host, Kayla Thomas, we were giving her a ton of local tips. You know the good stuff like which restaurants to check out, where you can find the best happy hour, etc.

But we also were offering her a TON of driving tips for the area. One of our colleagues reminded her that when crossing into Pennsylvania to always cross at the Scudder Falls Bridge because it is currently a toll-free crossing.

Then we all started wondering when that “freebie” would go away, and we had a feeling you may be wondering too.

Unfortunately, a toll is planned on the Scudder Falls Bridge once the new span opens to traffic. That “new” span will allow crews to demolish and rebuild the existing bridge.

Don’t panic. It’s not happening right away, but you will want to plan on a toll at some point next year.

The toll will open on a “yet-to-be-determined” date in 2019, officials say. Given all of the construction in that area that we can see with the naked eye, it may be a ways off until the new span is ready.

So how much will that toll cost? Well, a standard car, SV, pickup truck, motorcycle, etc. will be $2.60 to cross the span (which isn’t too bad considering some of the other NJ/PA crossings are $5).

Pennsylvania Turnpike Toll Collectors Strike During Thanksgiving Travel
William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

Plus, there will be a forty percent discount if you have E-ZPass. That means it would cost $1.25 to cross the span.

Daily commuters between Bucks and Mercer counties who are stressed by the news will actually receive a further discount. If your E-ZPass transponder records 16 or more trips in a given month, the toll will only run you 75 cents. The discount will be applied to your billing statement ultimately by E-ZPass.

The construction plans for the Scudder Falls Bridge will run through 2021, with the final product involving two, three-lane bridges that will carry cars over the Delaware River. The total project has a $500 million price tag, according to reports.

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