I'm going on vacation later this week and I'm getting excited because I'm going somewhere new! It's not your average summer vacation, but I'm looking forward to it. When I tell people that I'm going to Montana, the majority of my friends and coworkers just stare at me and smile. I get it. Montana doesn't scream tropical, sun, and beach. I'm going to Glacier National Park. I'll be hiking the mountains, living in a log cabin for a week, and going whitewater rafting.

Credit: Thinkstock
Credit: Thinkstock

Because of my vacation plans, I'm now known as the mountain man in the office even though I've never hiked before. But I did find it interesting when a coworker told me that in Colorado there is a Mount Princeton, and it was named after Princeton University! After a quick Google search I found that it's part of the Collegiate Peaks and that the first recorded ascent was on July 17, 1877. Now I feel a personal tie to Mount Princeton. I work in Princeton and July 17th is my birthdate!

If I have fun at Glacier National Park, I may like to go to Mount Princeton. I saw on Colorado.com that it's a great place for rafting, fishing, biking, and skiing. If I go, I'd like to go to the hot springs!

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